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Why I Love These 100% Waterproof Sneakers by Vessi

Why I Love These 100% Waterproof Sneakers by Vessi

the ultimate commuting sneaker

This post is brought to you by four facts of life:

  • Wearing rain boots all over the place is not fun

  • Wet feet are not fun

  • Traveling anywhere (work, the grocery store, a restaurant) in the rain is not fun*

  • Sneakers are fun

*Unless you're Gene Kelly.


Look at the sidewalk in that GIF. I'd just commuted home through water like that when I was served an (incredibly timely) Instagram ad by Vessi Footwear. They sell knit shoes for men and women that look like regular sneakers, feel like regular sneakers, and act like regular sneakers...except that they're 100% waterproof. The video showed an entire shoe being dunked in water,  and they claimed the foot inside stayed entirely dry.

I was skeptical, but also kind of desperate. My poor canvas Toms just didn't want to carry me through the rain anymore. I'd been considering buying some black and white Nikes to commute in anyway, so I bit the $119 bullet and ordered a pair in black.

They took a couple weeks to arrive because Vessi's still producing them in batches, but eventually the long-awaited box was outside my door and my new sneakers were on my feet.

Do they really work?

PEOPLE. THEY DO. I am now wearing them everywhere. I even wore them through a recent flash flood warning with inches-deep water flowing down the sidewalk, and my feet stayed entirely dry. In fact, the water just rolled right off my shoes as soon as I got inside. Then I really was like Gene Kelly. (Too bad my tap shoes aren't waterproof, too.)

I have no idea how this science-magic works, but it does. Not only that, but they're really cute (those are my feet in the post's header image), they're totally comfortable, they breathe like normal sneakers, and they're really lightweight.

In essence, they are perfection. And it's products like this that led me to start my blog. Vessi doesn't know I'm writing this post; I'm not being paid or rewarded for saying any of this. I just had to share this discovery with the world.

Give them your money, people.

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