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Why I Love Postable, Really Nice Cards Mailed for You

Why I Love Postable, Really Nice Cards Mailed for You

A website to manage addresses and send birthday cards

After my wedding, I knew the record of my friends' and family's addresses was more up-to-date than it would ever be again. Realizing I couldn't log in to Wedding Wire for the rest of my life, I started looking for a more permanent (albeit electronic) solution.

Enter Postable. I found it because of the free address book tool, but I fell in love with it for an entirely different reason.

Who sends birthday cards anymore?

In an age where email is annoying, text messages are commonplace, and no one likes to talk on the phone, interesting snail mail has become a pleasant surprise—a delight, even. When’s the last time you got a card in the mail that wasn’t from your mom or grandmother? (Please note: we love getting cards from you, Mom and Grandma!!!)

I can answer that for you: not recently. 

But I, for one, love finding simple ways to make my friends’ days. Postable makes it super convenient and easy.


What makes Postable so great?

I’m glad you asked! 

You start by building your address book. If you don’t already have a good record, you can use the platform’s address collection feature to request their addresses via email form.

Be sure to put their birthdays in there! (Facebook is great for this step.)

Then Postable will email you periodically, reminding you whose birthday is coming up and prompting you to send a card.

You can then log in to Postable and select a physical, printed card design from their vast, beautiful, and sometimes funny library.  You type your personal message into the card, pick the day you want it to be delivered, pay for the card and postage, and off it goes! Like magic.

And it’s not just birthdays; Postable has cards for other occasions, too. 


How much does it cost, though? 

This is almost the best part: The cost is usually around $4 ($3.50 for the card plus a stamp). I think that’s pretty good, considering what you’d pay if you bought a greeting card at the store. Have you seen the price of cards these days?! 

Even if it is a dollar or so more, with Postable the process is way better, because it reminds you to send it and you never have to leave your couch. 

I may be giving away all my awesome-birthday-remembering-friend secrets here, but I think it’s worth it. Since I started using Postable, so many of my cards’ recipients have reached out to tell me that it put a smile on their face. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay $4 to make my loved ones smile any day.


Photo by Xavier Massa on Unsplash

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