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Why You Should Switch from Audible to

Why You Should Switch from Audible to

I love audiobooks. I listen to them when I commute, put my makeup on, shop for groceries, cook, clean, fold laundry, drive, walk — you name it. If I’m in a situation where I can’t physically reading a book, but I do have the ability to concentrate on what I’m listening to, I’m playing an audiobook.

And I’m not the only one who feels this way if the success of Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible, is any indication. Audible makes it easy and inexpensive to enjoy audiobooks by letting you choose one book a month for $15/month. Then that book is yours, and you own it.

The problem with Audible is that it’s yet another way your dollars get sucked up by Amazon, who consistently engages in unfair business practices just because they are too big and too powerful for anyone to stop them — especially in the bookselling and publishing industry. I’ve stopped buying books from Amazon, and with, you can stop buying audiobooks from them too.

Why audiobooks?

I’ll tell you why, dear reader. First of all, because it’s an easy way to squeeze more books into your busy life. Some people say that audiobooks are “cheating.” Here’s the way I see it: If your goal is to make more time in your life to read, then yes, audiobooks are cheating. But if your goal is simply to experience more books, then it’s totally not cheating! Plus, your brain can’t actually tell the difference between reading and listening to a book, anyway. So listen away.

Second, because you can learn a ton. A lot of people also love to listen to podcasts; well, nonfiction books are a lot like long podcasts. You could even view each chapter of a book as a podcast “episode” and the book itself as one “season.”


How Does Work? works exactly the same way as Audible: You pay $15/month to get a new audiobook every month, and that audiobook then belongs to you. They have an absolutely amazing selection of books, including all the best sellers.

If you don’t listen often, you can also purchase audiobooks individually rather than as part of a monthly subscription. “No strings attached,” as they say.

You literally sacrifice nothing by switching, except that you aren’t supporting Amazon anymore. And when you create an account, you actually get to choose the local bookstore you want to support. (I’m supporting Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, myself.)


Try For Free with my referral

Not only do I love supporting local bookstores, I also just love as a company. They are really out there fighting the good fight, trying to help others in the industry, and serving their customers really well.

This post isn’t sponsored, but because I’m a member, I have a referral link! If you sign up through my link in the button below, you get your first month free and I get a free book. Win-win, no?

So what are you waiting for, my friends? Make the #AudiobookSwitch or start listening to audiobooks with already! There is literally no downside. Do it do it do it.

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