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This App Tells You When Scammers are Calling You

This App Tells You When Scammers are Calling You

An app that tells you when it's a scammer or spammer calling

There's nothing worse than picking up the phone to a conversation like this:

"CONGRATULATIONS! You've been selected for—"


Don't you wish you could know whether the unrecognized number calling you is spam? I did, and some googling led me to an app called Hiya. I get literally nothing for sharing this with you other than the knowledge that I am doing a public service, one spam call at a time.

What is Hiya and how does it work?

Hiya is a simple (but awesome) app for iPhone and Android that integrates with your smartphone's actual phone functionality to warn you when a caller is known to be a scam or spam—or even block them altogether before your phone even rings. You can also customize a blocked caller list and search for numbers you don't recognize to see whether they're known spammers.

The screenshots below show the settings for call protection, the search result page, and my actual call logs from my phone (names of the innocent redacted).

I get a lot of spoofed calls because I come from a small town in which many people have the same first six digits in their phone number.

Fun fact that's somewhat related: in my hometown, you can tell which cell carrier a person uses by looking at the middle of their phone number. 283 is associated with Virgin Mobile, where I started as a teenager. Apparently there's a guy who has the same phone number as me, but with 238—which is not a "normal" combination—and thanks to people's sense of auto-pilot when they dial, I get a ton of phone calls for him. This is a severe enough problem that I actually warn people in voicemail greeting. Dean, if you're reading this, your doctor called and your test results are in.

Anyway, it's a really easy download and set-up process, but Hiya has made a world of difference for me. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Do you have any simple but handy apps on your phone I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

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