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The Best Worst Way to Spend a Friday: #FNC

The Best Worst Way to Spend a Friday: #FNC

Get the most out of your weekend with Friday Night Chores

I've always been a "do something today that you'll thank yourself for tomorrow" kind of person, almost to an obsession. In college, I did all my homework a week ahead of time—all of it. I have a unique but thorough system for how I save for future expenses. And recently, I started making a point to do my weekend chores on Fridays.

Hear me out.

Chores on Fridays? Are you crazy?

I had long since recognized the benefit of grocery shopping after work on Fridays when an issue of Girls' Night In gave it a name for me: Friday Night Chores (or Friday Night Cleaning).  I was, apparently, a little late to the #FNC sensation, but I became an instant believer.

This Buzzfeed article says it best:

The main benefit of Friday Night Cleaning (FNC) is that you get to actually experience your clean home all weekend. Weekends are special, even when nothing particularly exciting happens during them, and few things enhance that feeling of "OMG I have two days to do...nothing? Everything??" like gleaming countertops and fresh fluffy towels. Waking up in a place with clean floors and a shining sink feels great — you find yourself thinking, Wow, this Airbnb I’m staying in is so cute and nice! as you gaze around your humble abode. But if you wait until Saturday or Sunday to do chores, you don’t get to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Yes, waking up in a clean home on Monday morning is nice. But if you clean on Friday night, your place will still be clean enough on Monday, and you’ll get to be there for that extra-special first 24 hours of sparkly clean.


You may argue that Friday nights are supposed to be "fun." But I'm  with the Buzzfeed author: Who actually wants to  go places on Friday nights?  For me, here in the prime of my 20s, I want to go home on Fridays. I am tired and restless, full of "get me away from a computer" energy but drained of the motivation to continue wearing real clothes. That energy is perfect for FNC.


My favorite chores to do on Fridays

Nowadays, I try to knock two big things off my list every Friday: grocery shopping and laundry.

First of all, have you ever gone to a grocery store on a Saturday or Sunday morning? I bet you have, and I bet you regretted it. (I once went to the Wegmans in Dewitt, NY at noon on a Sunday. Borderline worst decision I had ever made.) It's crowded, you can't move your cart without hitting people, the employees are frazzled, products are gone off the thanks.

On Friday nights, though, grocery shopping is a breeze. Because...who else grocery shops on Fridays? I fly through the aisles, fly through checkout, and never once want to punch someone. Perfecto.

When I get home, I inform my husband that it's laundry night. (Since we live in an apartment with laundry in the basement, we have a great partner system . He puts the laundry in, switches it, and brings it back up, and I fold everything.) A few hours later, it's all done, and I'm free. Like magic.


Let me tell you something: there is absolutely nothing like going to bed on a Friday night knowing a) you don't have to wake up early the next day and b) you don't have to go grocery shopping or do laundry ALL WEEKEND. Before FNC, I had never known such freedom. Now, I am unchained.

I can feel your continued skepticism through the computer. I know it can be hard to muster up the willpower to do things when your couch is calling to you. But trust me, and give it a try. Maybe start with one Friday a month, just to give yourself that supremely relaxing weekend every so often.

And when you do, come back and let me know how it went. Tell me your #FNC story in the comments! (Or tell me I'm a lunatic—either way.)


Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

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