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Girls' Night In Book Club: NYC January Meetup

Girls' Night In Book Club: NYC January Meetup

This past Wednesday, January 24th, I was lucky enough to attend Girls' Night In's January book club meet-up in NYC. To make a long story short, it was everything I'd hoped it would be.

Girls' Night In, "a newsletter for women who'd rather stay in tonight," is a sort of lifestyle brand/blog featuring once-weekly smart reads, self-care tips, and an absolutely fantastic community of like-minded women who are just happy to have found one another. (It's top-notch. You should subscribe.)

In January, GNIreads read The Power by Naomi Alderman. First of all, I can't speak highly enough about this book. The premise is that overnight, women develop a genetic ability to send electricity out through their hands. This gives them a physical advantage over men, which completely tips the balance of gender power. Read more about it in my spoiler-free review over on my book blog.

I didn't need a book club to get my wheels turning, but I knew I'd only begun to scratch the surface of the book's depth on my own. I was ready to meet some other badass ladies with their own takeaways and insights and then talk it out and feed off one another.

The event was held at a co-working space called Breather near Madison Square Park. From the moment my work BFF and I walked in the door, we could feel the magic. There were tacos courtesy of GrubHub, beer supplied by Stella Artois, and free books available for raffle from several different publishers. And the ladies in the room—their energy was electric (that wasn't a planned play on words, but I'm gonna go with it).

We sat around a large table, and one person shared a quote by Naomi Alderman, the author, to get us started:

My latest novel, The Power, has been described as a dystopian thriller. Nothing happens to men in the novel that is not happening to a woman in our world today. So is it dystopian?

And it didn't slow down from there. Everyone was encouraging, open-minded, polite, and smart. 100% of the conversation was productive. There were so many wow-I-never-thought-of-it-like-that moments. I can't believe how quickly an hour went by.

I went home that night full of energy; where I usually fall asleep before 10 PM (a symptom of 5:30 AM gym sessions), my mind buzzed until almost 11:30. These are the New York experiences I crave. These are the people I'm looking for. This is the type of energy I want in my life.

See you in February, GNI NYC.

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