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Recap: BookCon 2018

Recap: BookCon 2018

So 2018 was my first BookCon, but it's absolutely not going to be my last. For those unfamiliar, BookCon is a huge convention held each June at the Javits Center in Manhattan. It features an absolutely stacked lineup of author signings, panels, writing workshops, meetups, exhibitors, giveaways, and more. Basically, it's a bookworm's heaven.

This year I got to go to three major author signings: Deborah Harkness (the All Souls trilogy), Brandon Sanderson (the Mistborn trilogy and a gazillion others), and Bill Clinton/James Patterson (!!!). Deb was as lovely as I could have imagined. Brandon was so gracious and friendly, James was genuinely interested in how I was doing, and Bill Clinton said "who cares what the Secret Service guys told you" and shook everyone's hands anyway. (See photographic evidence in the gallery below.)

I also attended a creative nonfiction writing workshop led by Jessica Hendry Nelson from Sarah Lawrence College's MFA program. It was two hours long, and it was fantastic. It really inspired me to a) start a writing practice and b) read more creative nonfiction.

Here are my takeaways for next year!

  • Bringing a backpack instead of a shoulder bag was the best decision ever

  • So were the sneakers I chose to wear

  • Wait to buy stuff until the end when everything is marked down

  • There WILL be tons more free books and galleys at the very end

  • Get to panels further ahead of time because they WILL fill up

  • Read more of the featured authors' books before the event next year

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