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Rating: 3.75/5 | Just like Dark Matter, Recursion was a science-rich and super-thrilling sci-fi thriller. If nothing sounds better to you than those two genres put together, then this is definitely your book. I whipped through it, intrigued and introspective in the beginning and more and more eager to see how everything would resolve itself as I got close to the end. Genre fiction at its best. (Click the post to read more.)

The Need

Rating: 5/5 | OK y'all. I'm going to need you to get a copy of this book, buckle your seatbelt, read it as fast as you can, and then immediately message me so that we can talk about it. Because holy moly, this was WILD. (Click the post to read more.)

The Silent Patient

Rating: 4.5/5 | I don't usually choose to read thrillers. I like them okay once I'm in the middle of them, but it takes a lot of my emotional energy to commit to a roller coaster like that. (It's why I had to stop watching Scandal, and why I don't like it when sports go into overtime, lol.) But I picked up The Silent Patient because it had great reviews that claimed it really did something different and surprising. And I did really like it! (Click the post to read more.)


Rating: 4/5 | This was an impressive debut novel for Krysten Ritter! I'm not always a fan of thrillers (they're such a rollercoaster ride), but this one was fun to read. She gives you just enough information to know that you have all the pieces of the puzzle, if only you could figure out how they fit together. I listened to the audiobook during my Thanksgiving car rides, and I really enjoyed it. (Click the post to read more.)

The President is Missing

Rating: 3.5/5 | This book was just plain fun. I think that's what you get with books in this mass-market thriller category in general: Not quite "literature" per se, but very exciting and entertaining quick reads. They are like sitcom television. (Click the post to read more.)

The Woman in the Window

Rating: 3.75/5 | This book was not what I had expected; it was no Girl on the Train. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more than cliffhangers and suspense; this is a thriller/mystery that also deals with the poignant topics of PTSD, mental illness, alcoholism, loneliness, grief, and more. I chose it as my Book of the Month February selection, and I don't regret it! (Click the post to read more.)

The Chalk Man

Rating: 4.5/5 | I chose this book as my December 2017 Book of the Month pick, and I'm so glad I did! (That was a tough choice, though.) I was looking for something that would hook me from the beginning and allow me to rip through it quickly. That's exactly what this book did. (Click the post to read more.)


Rating: 4/5 | To no one's surprise, Dan Brown has done it again. All his books follow exactly the same formula, but it's a formula that works and is entertaining every time. I sat down on Friday night intending to spend my weekend on a wild goose hunt with Robert Langdon, with some plot twists, some cryptic codes, a bunch of art history, and a heart-racing ending. And that's exactly what I got! I'm not going to pretend that the predictable formula made the journey any less enjoyable. (Click the post to read more.)

Dark Matter

Rating: 4/5 | This was an engaging, fast-paced book that kept me not quite on the edge of my seat, but certainly far from resting comfortably back in it. There weren't really any slow moments, and I was always eager to see what would happen next. It was a quick read without feeling shallow, and I truly enjoyed it. (Click the post to read more.)

The Circle

Rating: 2/5 | This book did keep me on the edge of my seat, but I'm actually pretty upset that I spent time reading it. What a disappointment. It was set up to be a great save-the-world-from-apocalypse story, but instead I walked away feeling lectured. It makes you think, but it's also a bit hysterical. (Click the post to read more.)