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City of Girls

This book has gotten a lot of hype, and it’s easy to see why. It’s well written, uniquely narrated, and a great story. There’s no denying the master-level work of Elizabeth Gilbert!

Daisy Jones & the Six

The book is written in the form of a sort-of script, as it’s a mock collection of interview snippets from the members of the band and their friends and families. The audiobook cast and voice acting really went above and beyond to bring the story to life.

The Philosopher's War (The Philosopher's Series, #2)

Rating: 4/5 | I enjoyed The Philosopher's Flight. It was worth the read and I was happy to read the sequel. I'm glad I did — because The Philosopher's War was even better. Gone are the college days and courting of first love; this was a story of camaraderie, trauma, war, and the greater good. (Click the post to read more.)

The Burning Chambers (The Burning Chambers, #1)

Rating: 3/5 | The Burning Chambers was an entertaining read that managed to keep all ~600 pages engaging, no small feat. Overall, I found the writing a tiny bit less mature (some telling, not showing etc), but still a completely worthwhile read. The author had the bravery to touch on some very heavy, important topics from a character-development perspective as well, which is always appreciated. (Click the post to read more.)

The Philosopher's Flight

Rating: 4/5 | The Philosopher's Flight was a really fun read. It was light without being frivolous, fantastical without being ridiculous, and thought-provoking without being too much. I'm definitely looking forward to reading book #2. (Click the post to read more.)

The Night Tiger

Rating: 3.75/5 | The Night Tiger was my January 2019 BOTM pick. It was an intriguing, magical look at colonial Malaya (now Malaysia) with a little bit of something for everyone. An innocent little hero? A mind-itching mystery? Themes of destiny, fate family, and love? You got it. (Click the post to read more.)

Lincoln in the Bardo

Rating: 4.25/5 | Lincoln in the Bardo is unlike any novel I have ever read. In fact, the format is entirely unique. But it's perfectly suited to the story (or, perhaps more appropriately, stories) Saunders spins. It left me feeling a little hypnotized, somewhat reverent, entirely intrigued, and hungry for more. (Click the post to read more.)

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Rating: 4/5 | I picked up this book because it contains one of my favorite quotes. In fact, I even chose it as a reading at my wedding (with a few omissions). I had high hopes that the rest of the book would contain passages as beautiful as this one, and I was not disappointed. Louis de Bernieres is a language artist. (Click the post to read more.)


Rating: 4/5 | I am somewhat torn on this book. I actually had two different friends (who don't know each other at all) tell me that they purposefully slowed down as they approached the end because they didn't want to finish it yet. I did enjoy and appreciate Pachinko, but I didn't quite get to that point. (Click the post to read more.)

The Nightingale

Rating: 4.5/5 | My sister bought me this book for my birthday so that I could read it on the beach during my honeymoon. I wouldn't really call it a "beach read," as it was heavy and complex, but it was definitely worthy of being read. (Click the post to read more.)