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Here's Why I Love EBY, an Underwear Subscription Service

Here's Why I Love EBY, an Underwear Subscription Service

undies that do good for the world, too

Ladies — everyone loves a fresh pair of undies, right? Especially undies that are comfortable, will last longer than most, and have flat seams (aka invisible/no underwear lines). Well, that’s what EBY promises, and that’s what they actually deliver. Oh, and 10% of sales go directly to women who need it via microfinance loans. Win-win-win.

What is EBY and How Does it Work?

EBY was co-founded by Sofia Vergara and Renata Black. (So that’s cool.)

It’s an underwear subscription service. Their undies come in sizes all the way up to 4X and in lots of different colors and skin tones. They’re all flat-seamed, soft, and comfy.

When you sign up, you pick one of three styles — thongs/g-strings, briefs/cheekies/bikinis, or a mix of both types. Then you tell them what colors you want — neutral colors, fun/patterned, or a mix of both. Finally, you tell them whether you want one pair of seamless undies a month or three pairs quarterly.


How much does it cost?

Each pair of undies is $15. If you choose to get one pair a month, they charge you $15/month. If you choose to get three pairs quarterly, you pay $45 every three months.

In my opinion, they are well worth the cost. I used to buy seamless undies from TJ Maxx — some random Marilyn Monroe brand — and I liked them, but after a couple washes, the front of the lining always came undone and I had to throw them out. The EBY undies don’t do that at all. In fact, they last quite well in my experience!

And 10% of all purchases go to the Seven Bar Foundation, which provides microloans to women so that they can start their own small businesses. You can read more about it here! I also love how every box comes with a profile of a woman who’s been helped — it’s really impactful.


How do I sign up?

So glad you asked! I’m not affiliated with EBY, but they do have a referral program for all customers.

Click below to sign up via my customer referral link, and we’ll both get 50% off the monthly box!

I love this company because they do good for the world, are size-inclusive, and actually have a product worth buying. I’m slowly, month-by-month, swapping out all my old pairs of undies for new EBY pairs.

If you try them out, come back and let me know what you think!


Photo by Julia Janeta on Unsplash

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