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4 Email Newsletters You Should Totally Subscribe To

4 Email Newsletters You Should Totally Subscribe To

My favorite email subscription recommendations

Some people think the most coveted real estate is in California and New York, but that's nothing compared to the uber-competitive email inbox. With so many brands (well, all of them) vying for a spot, most people are looking for easy ways to unsubscribe from as many lists as possible.

But curating an inbox that makes you smile isn't all about getting the bad stuff out; you have to bring some good stuff in, too. There are a few subscriptions I make sure to open and read every time something lands in my inbox. I look forward to them because they make my day brighter or teach me something new. Check them out below!

Girls' Night In

GNI is exactly what it sounds like: an email subscription for women who would rather drink cab sauv on their couch with a couple friends (or a charcoal face mask) than go to a noisy bar with a bunch of strangers. The newsletter comes once a week, on Friday mornings, and it's absolutely delightful. Look forward to awesome recommendations on everything from skincare to the best yoga pants and links to smart, interesting articles from across the web.

They also have a great book club that meets in major cities across the country. I've been to three of their NYC meetups so far, with another coming up!

Girls' Night In has a referral-tracking program. If you subscribe, please use my link.


The Season of Stories

If you are looking for a great way to spend a few minutes each day—on your commute, as you drink your morning coffee, before winding down for bed, whatever—then you absolutely must subscribe to The Season of Stories. 

This newsletter sends you one part of a short story each morning, beginning on Tuesday and concluding the story on Friday. Their selection is excellent, with the stories ranging from those that really make you think to quick bites of entertainment. FYI, though, it's a seasonal subscription, so they take short breaks every once in a while.



Grow is an online magazine by Acorns, a financial-services app that automatically rounds your purchases up to the nearest dollar and invests the "spare change" on your behalf. The articles on the Grow website (and in their newsletter) focus on a wide range of personal finance topics, from "money 101" to creative savings techniques, market news and translations, interviews with people who've worked their way toward financial success, and more. Their articles are informative, motivating, and usually pretty quick reads.



It's hard to find people nowadays (especially millennial women) who haven't already heard of TheSkimm, but if for some reason you have not, please join us! TheSkimm's weekday newsletter provides bite-sized summaries of the most important news stories, making it easy to stay relatively up-to-date on current affairs. They also make me chuckle out loud on the regular, with their wittiness and occasional snark.

TheSkimm is becoming a powerhouse brand with several fantastic content channels. In addition to their newsletter, they also have a great podcast, video content, and more, most of which is geared toward young professional women.

TheSkimm has a referral-tracking program. If you subscribe, please use my link.

Those are my favorites! What are yours? Spread the inbox love and let me know in the comments.


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